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    Can anyone tell me which is best kumantong? By which master? Can it be used for black magic to bring back my lover?



    Black magic for love? Use nam man prai is most powerful. Chiang mai nam man prai masters are the best.



    Yes lukok can be really effective to support with appreciate and dollars if you can take care of it adequately.



    I have each Lp tae kumantong and ajarn patana lukok. The lukok is a lot powerful. See summongenie.com



    I have heard of ajarn patana, by no means get from him prior to, but I heard that he is a potent master



    Lukok is additional suitable for black magic and specially for adore spells



    Kumantong by ajarn patana is pretty powerful, I heard from mates that this master uses cemetery soil to make it and is incredibly powerful



    Black magic to bring lover back is applying luk kok. Yes, you ought to search for world’s very best luk kok, I have 5 luk kok by distinctive masters. My favourite is the a single I got from ahjarn Patana of Chiangmai and Ajarn Aey from bangkok.



    Best lukok and Kumantong is by Ajarn patana, kumantong you can consider lp tae or ajarn patana. But I think ajarn patana is more powerful.



    For black magic, lukok or luk kok is far better than kumantong.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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