8 Most important Payouts In Pawn Stars Record

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On the Record Channel collection Pawn Stars, the gurus at the Entire world Well-known Gold & Silver Pawn Store in Las Vegas meet up with regular people with abnormal objects to sell—sometimes worthless, but usually remarkably worthwhile. Below are some of the biggest payouts in Pawn Stars history…

Dutch East India Investing Organization bell | :fifteen
1715 Spanish fleet gold coin | :35
Joe Greene’s Olympic medals | one:06
Buy of the White Eagle medallion | one:27
E-book of Mormon | one:forty three
1554 Spanish shipwreck gold bar | two:03
2001 Patriots Tremendous Bowl ring | two:23
John F. Kennedy’s cigar box | two:47

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45 thoughts on “8 Most important Payouts In Pawn Stars Record

  1. the show is a fucking joke though, they give them like 90% less of what it is actually worth. i remember an episode where a guy came in there with a drawing done by the one and only Stan Lee for the first idea of spider man like a picture of his mask and eyes and it was even signed with his autograph, and you know what rick says "well the best i can give you is 400$-600$" the guy thankfully being smart enough declined the offer then few months later he took it to a small pawn shop down the street from a comic convention he pawned it in got about $90,000!

    so if you ever have something you truly know/think is worth more than a lousy couple hundred bucks take it to some where small where you know they are not going to yank your chain.

  2. This show is incredibly FAKE!!! I know this for a fact because on one episode "Rick", (if that's his real name) bought a "re-issue" of a very common "Beatles" record on vinyl that goes for about $30-40. tops on a really good day and he paid $1100. for it!!! I know this because I collect records and have over 8,000 records (vinyl, NOT CD's) in my ever growing collection and that particular title "Rick" bought I also have and I paid $20 for it in Near Mint condition. There's NO FLIPPIN' WAY any collector that knows what the value of things are would EVER pay $1100. for something not even worth more than $40.!!! The album was the "re-issue" of a late pressing of "Beatles-Yesterday And Today" from 1965. These guys are losers and serious FAKES!!!!!!!

  3. "A yard sale fanatic picked it up for 75 cents and sold it to Rick for a cool $6,000, rick then went on to re sell it for $30,000"

    What a fucking scumbag

  4. Wow lol paid 6k and sold for 30k that guy guy his ass handed to him on that deal, even if he paid 75 cents. Then again the person that sold it to him for 75 cents got their asses handed to them much worse lol.

  5. Grand Wizard: You give me $500 for this jewel, and in 5 minutes time I will grant you 3 wishes that will 100% come true, no matter what you ask for.

    Rick: Yeah, but I gotta make a profit chuckles*.. *squinty face best I can do is $50 and a handshake.

    GW: 3 wishes….

    Rick: $55 no higher.

  6. People you need to realize that pawn shops are for people who don't have time to start looking for buyers and do evaluations of their items. You get paid right away, and that's why people go there. Everyone who sell their stuff is losing, it wouldn't make sense for the pawn shop to pay the same/higher value. But these people get the money they need for whatever reason right away. Obviously if you have something rare in your attic you have been holding on to and you aren't tight on money right now, you have no reason to rush and sell it and the last place you should sell it is in a pawn shop. Don't get mad by Rick lowballing everyone. That's how it is.

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  8. To all readers of these comments, one guy once brought a Pokémon card collection that got appraised on the show as being worth close to $400,000. Look it up. Thats more than the JFK cigar box

  9. I wish they also said what the pawn stars offered for the items. Classic joke:
    Expert says it's worth $50K
    Rick offers $6K because he's a dick

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