Lies You Figured out In History Course

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History has a funny way of repeating by itself, in particular when the people repeating it are not exactly telling the complete story. Numerous of the clear, straightforward, wholesome “info” you uncovered in record course would receive you a major fats F in genuine daily life. Below are a several historical lies that will make you rethink your whole schooling:

The British are coming | :17
Napoleon complicated | :58
Newton’s apple | one:45
Edison’s innovations | 2:28
Good ol’ Gandhi | three:fifteen
Globe War II enthusiasm | four:24
Alamo heroes | 5:03
Cherry chopper | 5:fifty five

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32 thoughts on “Lies You Figured out In History Course

  1. Ugh! There's extensive medical notes on napoleon! Like he suffered from piles! He did spend the rest of life in a British jail so it's not like nobody ever saw him! The internet pisses me off so much at times.

  2. Gandhi wasn't gay or racist. He use to call lower cast people as harijans or gods people.This is west propaganda because they can't see a person from india whom the world sees as an ideal

  3. Gandhi cannot be lionized or criticised in 30 seconds.yes he had flaws,but to say he was racist using some never prooved quote is totally wrong .He fought the british government in South Africa ,he supported the cause of nelson mandela and was instrumental in his release from jail.Gandhi was as pacifist as a human could be.And he was not homosexual{Unfounded crap book}.He readily admitted that he had craving for women,more precisely his wife.He admitted when his father was on death bed he was consummating with his wife and after that incident,he took an oath to control his sense.He went too far in doing that by allegedly sleepin naked with his niece.Though these are unfounded rumours which were never proved.Banning this ridiculous book was a bad idea.He was not a saint.But his rigid stand on human equality and his feat to run the greatest movement of independence without saying a foul word is unwitnessed by history and that makes him great.(not saint or god.both these terms are bogus)

  4. ONE LITTLE CORRECTION : Gandhi did not say those things against 'lower caste' people in jail..he said those to South African blacks . And he regularly referred to them as Kafirs. His main aim was to negotiate a deal with British so that the merchants from India get a better deal and gets better treatment. He never spoke for all classes of India. He was a clever politician who knew where to oil .

  5. Disgust, complete disgust, yes, I suppose that is a polite depiction of my feelings on the authorship of this posts modern up to date revised "knowledge". I could say more, but do not want to be banned. Edit, Ah gRuNgE, how appropo for the authors fitting name. like the stuff that can be found in an old prostitutes undergarment. Yes Grunge.

  6. Hey Guys, really like your videos, but please find another music cue for videos. The faux hard-rock endlessly playing on a loop is really distracting and doesn't go with most of the footage your are displaying. It's not even a full part of a song, just a few bars of the same stupid loop for every video. Thanks!

  7. well one thing about history is that it can never be said to be true.. everyone has their own version of history.. and while you might be claiming them as true.. they might not also be a truth and maybe there is another version to them as well… so guess what.. you can never prove the actual history…. for believers have their own evidences and non-believers have their own… 🙂

  8. That Gandhi bit was a whole conspiracy theory which caught on because we all love to find dirt on revered people.

    Most of those theories are professed by unknown historians craving publicity through controversy.
    These are theories aren't peer reviewed and accepted by the mainstream historians.

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